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Boat tours from Daftö

If you want to experience the West Coast and Bohuslän for real, we recommend a boat trip out to sea. Here, the winds are salty and the experiences are plentiful. The boat trips below are booked through Kustevent, but our own boat trip to Skattkammarön (Treasure Island) is booked through the reception.

Daftö Resort is located midway between the major cities of Gothenburg and Oslo. For those accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city life, the tranquility from the sea becomes especially palpable. From Daftö, several boat trips depart several times a week during the summer, and outside the summer season, we can arrange trips on request. Throughout the year, you can also travel to Nordkoster and Sydkoster via boats from Strömstad center.

Boat trip to the Koster Islands

The boat departs from Daftö's excursion pier to Ekenäs pier on Sydkoster. Ekenäs is close to Rörvik beach, bike rental, restaurants, and a kiosk. Here you will also find Naturum, where you can learn all about the nature and wildlife in Koster's national park: touch pool aquarium, exhibitions, slideshow, film, books, and brochures. Naturum is open year-round with free admission. Ekenäs is simply a great starting point for an adventurous day on Koster. When: Thursday week 24 and every Tuesday and Thursday weeks 25-32 at 10:00 AM. The boat trip between Daftö and Koster takes approximately 45 minutes. The boat departs from Daftö's excursion pier in Söderviken at 10:00 AM and returns from Koster at 3:50 PM. The boat is back at Daftö around 4:30 PM. Price: 220 SEK per adult and 120 SEK per child between 6-12 years old. Children under 6 years old ride for free but still need to be booked.

Shrimp trawling in the Koster Sea

You have probably enjoyed delicious shrimp several times, but it may not be as likely that you know the work that has been done before you put the shrimp in your mouth. In the Koster Fjord, we meet a trawler that does a "haul," as we say in Bohuslän. When the trawl is up and the catch is on board, we approach the fishing boat and come alongside to take on board the freshest shrimp you have ever eaten. The price of the tour includes boat trip, fresh shrimp, and guidance. Drinks are extra. When: The boat departs from Daftö's excursion pier in Söderviken on Tuesdays week 27-32 at 16:50 and is back around 21:30. Price: 895 SEK per adult, 565 SEK per youth between 13-17 years old, and 210 SEK for children between 6-12 years old. Children under 6 years old ride for free but still need to be booked.

Smuggling Tour in the Archipelago

A historical journey with stories from the days of the smuggler king. The tour takes place in the archipelagos of Strömstad and Koster. On board, we have a visit from the smuggler king himself. He tells tales of his life during the smuggling era while food and drinks are served on board. When: The boat departs from Daftö's excursion pier in Söderviken on Thursdays weeks 26-32 at 17:30 and returns around 21:30. Price: 495 SEK per adult, 395 SEK per youth aged 13-17, and 210 SEK for children aged 6-12. Children under 6 travel for free but still need to be booked. The price includes boat trip, meal, and guidance.

Boat hopping in Bohuslän

To island-hop by boat is the perfect way to explore the Bohuslän archipelago. Spend a few days among salt-sprayed granite rocks, picturesque fishing villages, and classic seafood restaurants. In West Sweden, there are many options for those who want to island-hop in the archipelago and get close to islets, rocks, salty splashes, and wind-swept piers and cliffs. Day trips or experiences that last several days with accommodation and time to gather multiple memories to look back on.

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