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the Daftö battle (Daftökampen)

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When booking accommodation online, add Daftökampen as an option to your booking. If you already have an existing booking, you can contact the reception to add the activity.

Call: +46(0)526-26040


Daftökampen costs 200 SEK for guests staying at the resort. Families who are not staying with us can participate for 300 SEK per family.

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Perhaps you've seen Wild Kids, Robinson, Mästarnas Mästare, or Sveriges starkaste familj? Daftökampen is these competitions, Daftö-style, that you experience together with your family!

Challenge each other within the family or challenge another family you're traveling with.

Before your starting time, you can gear up by applying face paint and putting on the team bands you receive when you check in. Maybe you'll even have time to practice a cheer or two to get properly psyched up. You can choose to compete either as pirates or as buccaneers. Meet your opponents at the designated starting time and then follow the map that shows the way to the various challenges. At each station with a challenge, there are instructions on how the challenge works and who within the family will perform the task.

The tasks you undertake will test both your physical and mental abilities. When you're finished, you'll have experienced a walk of about 1.5 km with seven challenges along the way. Challenges can range from tricky puzzles to the plank, guessing volumes, and building stone towers. The time it takes to complete the Daftökampen is very individual, but plan for about two hours.

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