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Fishing in Bohuslän

There are many reasons why anglers, diehards as well as amateurs, go to Bohuslän for fishing. The beautiful views, the many accommodation options along the sea's edge and the great conditions for nibbling fish.

Sea trout, mackerel and cod are among the usual species you can catch on the hook, but there are also more unusual species.

Start from Daftö - accommodation close to fishing

If Daftö becomes your starting point, you can e.g. follow the sea edge north towards Starekilen for good fishing water for Trout. If you want to change environment, we can recommend taking the car to Resö or out to the islands outside Daftö. Here you can fish from the sea's edge or wade a bit into the sea. If you have your own boat, there are boat berths to add to.

On Daftö, you can stay in a cabin, hotel room, in a guest harbor or on a campsite if you travel here with your own motorhome or caravan. The resort has restaurants for food and drink where the fishing day can be started or ended. The car is parked right next to the accommodation and if you choose to stay in a cabin, there is a kitchen for those who prefer to cook and eat their meals there.

Fishing with hand gear

Be sure to read up on the species of fish and the area you will be fishing in to follow the rules that exist. Fishing with hand gear is free in Sweden's coastal waters and in Strömstad municipality fishing with hand gear is also free in Strömsån and the municipal parts of Strömsvatnet (up to Rörvik)

Here you can read more about what applies to fishing in Strömstad

Lobster fishing and shrimp trawling in Kosterhavet

From Daftö's excursion pier, you can get on a boat that takes you out on the Koster Sea in search of the sea's black and pink gold - shrimp and lobster. The Monday after September 23rd the lobster fishing starts and then you can go on a boat trip where we pull up the seines together with local fishermen. Coffee and sandwiches are served during the boat trip and the trip costs SEK 1,395 per person. Minimum 2 people and maximum 6 people. If you wish to buy lobster with you, there is an additional cost. Prawn trawling can be carried out every week, Monday to Wednesday. We meet a trawler and take on board and eat the prawns which are just as fresh as they can be. The tour is carried out for groups of at least 15 people and costs SEK 655 per person.

Good to know about fishing on the West Coast

Sea trout

Things to think about when sea trout fishing

Sea trout may be fished from 1 April to 30 September. To keep the fish you catch it needs to be 45 cm long, don't keep more fish than you consume. If you catch more than that, you carefully release them back into the sea.


Things to think about when fishing for mackerel

At the turn of May to June, shoals begin to arrive on the west coast, but depending on the sea temperature, they may arrive earlier or later. To keep a mackerel you catch, it needs to be at least 20 cm long. The mackerel forages in shoals near the surface of the water and lives in the free water mass. This is a fish that gives the iron when it feels that the steel of the hook has taken hold of it.


Things to think about when fishing for cod

Cod may be fished between April 1 and December 31. The cod must be at least 30 cm for you to keep it. It thrives at depths down to 200 meters and it is only during spawning that they swim in the upper water layers to hunt for prey.

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