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Fun at Sea

Venture out on a discovery journey on Kosterhavet! Rent a SUP, canoe, or pedal boat and explore several beautiful places and environments around Daftö. Book online and pick up your SUP, canoe, or pedal boat at the South Beach with the code you receive in your booking.

Paddle out into Daftö Bay in a canoe

Explore the Koster Sea by paddling in a canoe. The canoes are located at South Beach, from where you can easily venture out to the adventures that await at sea. Paddle alongside friends and family or glide slowly to explore the sea and nature around Daftö! Determine your own route and pace, perhaps you'll discover a pirate's treasure along the way?

Rent a canoe

SUP – for a Combination of Exercise and Relaxation

Prefer standing up while paddling? Then Stand-Up paddleboard is the perfect fit for you! Whether it's for exercise, paddling with kids, trying out SUP Yoga, or simply gliding along the Koster Sea, SUP boards have become extremely popular in recent years, and it's no wonder – it's both super fun and technically challenging. Give it a try yourself!

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Pedal Along the Koster Sea with Pedal Boat

Do you want to discover the secrets of the Koster Sea with a family member or a friend? In the pedal boats, both of you can fit to pedal your way through the salty waters. Here, you sit comfortably with back support, and when you need a break from pedaling, just lean back and enjoy the sun and the view!

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