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Holiday with dog on Daftö

Everyone should join – you are welcome to bring your dog to Daftö! Experience nature, discover new places and come up with fun activities together. There is much to experience here for the whole family and where the dog thrives. This page contains information that may be valuable for you who travel with a dog.

Accommodation for you and your four-legged friend

At Daftö Resort, you can choose where you want to stay with your dog. Here you can stay in a cabin, camping site with caravan, mobile home or tent, you can also dock with the boat in the guest harbour. If you want to stay in a cabin, we have several areas to offer. Solhöjden, Piratbyn, Saltbyn, Skogslykkan. Add the dog package to the booking, then the dog bowl, bag and dog legs are also in place. Do you want to live near the beach or perhaps near the restaurants?

Bathe in sea

Of course, the dog must go swimming! During the summer, when it is at its hottest, it can be nice for the dog to be able to cool off in the water. On Daftö there is a beach with a stable bottom where the dog can decide his own pace in the water.

Dog shower

After a long and adventurous day of bathing and playing, the dog may need a shower. At Daftö there are of course showers for the dogs as well.

Hike with dog

Daftö is surrounded by lovely nature with plenty of lovely walking paths. For those who want to hike with a dog, there are several short and long hiking trails for you and your dog. A short hiking trail you and your four-legged friend should hike on is the Kaparleden, which has adventurous stops along the way. A longer hiking trail we recommend is the Naturleden where you can experience the beach, sea and forest in a wonderful combination.

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