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Biking on Daftö

MTB, city, and electric bikes

At Daftö, there are cycling experiences in various forms. Adrenaline-filled on the MTB trails or a peaceful bike ride into Strömstad. Bring your own MTB. At the resort, you can rent a city bike or electric bike for the day.

At Daftö, you can experience trail cycling of moderate difficulty in blue and red levels, as well as flow tracks in a lovely forest setting. It's an activity for the whole family, suitable for both experienced cyclists and beginners. Moreover, Lagunen Bikepark is just a bike ride away for those who can't get enough.

MTB-trails at Daftö

At Daftö, there are mountain biking trails of blue and red difficulty levels set in a forest environment with plenty of rocky terrain. The blue trails are suitable for all cyclists who can handle a bike, while the red trails include small jumps, sharper turns, and more elevation changes. The trails will soon be marked.

You can find the entrance to the trails opposite Daftöland's entrance, on the other side of the road (where you see a wooden bridge). The blue trail is the main loop and is approximately 1.5 km long. There are offshoots with red trails from there. If you ride these, the total loop length becomes 2.2 km.

In addition to the mountain biking trails, there are flow tracks. You can find these by following the road along the Activity Field. At the first intersection, turn right. The flow tracks have curves and gentle jumps, but there are also jumps for those seeking a more advanced cycling experience.

Rent a bike

Enjoy the wind, movement, and beautiful views. Rent a city bike or electric bike and ride into Strömstad or explore the surrounding area at your own pace. The bikes are ladies' models and suitable for older children and adults. You can rent the bikes for a full day or a maximum of 2 days. Book your bike via Towni and pick it up at the reception.

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