MTB cycling

New for this year are our cycle paths. Here you can now experience both trail cycling in difficulty blue and red as well as flow courses in a lovely forest environment. An activity for the whole family, both experienced and beginners. In addition, Lagunen Bikepark is a bike ride away for those who can't get enough.

Bring your own bike, cycle on your own or participate in group cycling activities.

Barbecue areas are available at the trails.

The MTB trails on Daftö

On Daftö there is trail cycling in blue and red degrees of difficulty in a forest environment and with lots of rock outcroppings. The blue trails are for anyone who can handle a bike. The red trails contain small jumps, slightly steeper turns and more level differences. The trails will soon be marked.

You will find the entrance to the trails opposite Daftöland's entrance, on the other side of the road (where you see a wooden bridge). The blue trail is the main loop and it is about 1.5 km long. From it there are detours with red trails. If you drive these, the total loop is 2.2 km.

In addition to trail cycling, there are flow courses, you will find these when you follow the path that runs along the Activity Plan. At the first intersection, turn right. The flow courses have curves and gentle jumps, but there are also jumps for those who want more advanced cycling.

Rent an e-MTB at Cykel och salt

At our partner Cykel och salt, you can rent an e-MTB as a group to experience the beautiful nature in and around Daftö and Strömstad during the summer. An e-MTB is a mountain bike with a motor – the more pedal pressure, the more assistance the motor provides. Using three different power modes, you can choose how much help you want.

Rent a bike at Cykel & Salt ›

Guided tours

During the summer weeks 27-31 and during the autumn holidays, you can sign up for cycling activities with a guide and a focus on technology. Between these periods, you can register for cycling activities directly with our partner Cykel och Salt, at the link below. If you don't have your own bike, you can rent one a e-MTB from Cykel och Salt 

A green level for the younger and less experienced trail cyclists, a blue level for those who can ride a little longer and who have cycled on trails before and a red level for the more experienced MTB cyclists.

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Green level - for the younger and less experienced trail riders

A playful family adventure on two wheels. You can try cycling on dirt roads, paths and in Lagunen Bikepark. The guide teaches the basics of MTB and everyone can keep up - the children set the pace and the tour is filled with exercises, tips and fun. In the Lagunen Bikepark there are challenges regardless of the level. This experience is aimed at anyone who wants to test MTB.

Blue level - for those who can ride a little longer and who have cycled on trails before

We cycle in the Lagunen Bikepark, on paths and on rocky outcrops. The level is adapted to the participants and everyone will get to hone their technique. In three hours you get to discover three different environments for MTB where the granite outcrops are what make Bohuslän unique. We adjust the pace but you will sweat. You will get to test natural obstacles and challenge yourself in the bike park. Join us on a guaranteed fast-paced adventure.

Red level - for the more experienced MTB cyclists

We cycle in Lagunen Bikepark with jump, drop and flow course. You get tips and develop your technique. In the area there are really challenging paths both up and down and an experienced guide guides you safely and safely while you get to challenge yourself. You stop at natural obstacles and discuss technology.

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