Gift Card

Give the gift of an experience with seaweed, salt, and pirates at Daftö Resort.

With us, every day is an adventure – we live, eat, and play like pirates. Choose between staying in one of our cottages, checking into the Pirate Hotel, camping with a camper van, caravan, or tent, or set sail to the adventure and dock in our guest harbor.

In our amusement park, Daftöland, the pirate adventure continues with thrilling rides, games for both the lucky and those looking to test their skills, as well as food for hungry pirates or when energy needs a refill. Additionally, you can enjoy exciting Pirate Theater on the main stage.

The gift card can be used as payment for accommodation bookings or for entrance tickets to Daftöland and the pool area. Give the gift of an adventurous experience and let the recipient set sail for an exciting adventure!