Late summer on Daftö

At Daftö you can stay all year round, with different adventures and experiences depending on when you visit us. On this page you can take part in what can be experienced during August and September, the period between high summer and Spöktober.

With us, you can stay exactly as you want, in a cabin, hotel, guest harbor or with your own mobile home, caravan or tent on a camping site. The cabins and camping sites have different sizes and views. Find the accommodation option that best suits your needs or contact us on +46(0)526-26040 or for tips on what we think might suit you.

Adventure on Daftö during the late summer

Adventure golf

Challenge each other in true caper spirit! Our adventure golf course consists of 18 courses inspired by pirates' adventures at sea. You can rent golf balls and clubs at reception during reception opening hours.

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Maybe you've seen Wild Kids or Robinson? Daftökampen are these competitions on the Daftö-way that you experience together with the family! Travel here and challenge each other within the family or challenge another family you travel here with. The branches you perform put both the body and the bud to the test. When you are finished, you will have experienced a walk of about 3 km with six challenges along the way. The challenges can range from tricky puzzles to the plank, guessing volume and building stone towers.

MTB cycling

Here there are cycle paths with trail cycling and flow courses for those who yearn for a fast-paced adventure on two wheels. If you don't have your own bike, you can rent one on site.

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Fun at sea

Rent a kayak, canoe, SUP board or a pedal boat from us and get out to sea. A fun activity that makes it easy to experience more beautiful places in the archipelago around Daftö.

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Padel tennis

On Daftö there are two outdoor padel courts and you will find them above Piratbyn. The courts are booked through Matchi and you can rent racks and buy balls at the reception during the reception's opening hours.

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Hiking trails and outdoor gym

On Daftö there are several hiking trails of various lengths and an outdoor gym. In addition, there are several well-known trails not far from the resort, such as Bohusleden and Kuststigen. You can therefore choose from several different trails with different landscapes and environments depending on what you want to experience. Via the link below, we suggest different routes and experiences to combine the hike with.

Restaurants and shop

At Daftö there are several restaurants to choose from as well as a shop with groceries and other good-to-have items. During the late summer you can enjoy food and drink in the Bistro until the end of September.

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Experience Mareld

Mareld is plankton that gathers and emits short flashes. If you jump into the sea after dark, it's like bathing in a sparkling firework. In the dark, Mareld is visible as a flashing blue-green light in the sea. During the day it can be seen as a rust-colored or orange band along the edge of the sea. It is most common to experience Mareld during August and September.

A good place to experience Mareld from is from our brew sauna as you can combine a dip in the cooling sea with heat from the sauna.

Wood-fired brew sauna and sea bath

The resort has, among other things, a wood-fired brew sauna and a dip in the sea. In the brew sauna there is also a small kitchenette and changing room. A perfect place to enjoy together with loved ones, friends or colleagues. During the late summer, the brew sauna is also a perfect place to experience Mareld from - a sparkling sea firework that you can read more about above.

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