The activities are many and some of them are scarier than others. Spöktober runs between 1-15/10 and from 28/10 to 6/11 and has a range of activities that will make even the bravest pirate tremble.

Many activities are included for you who live here and others can be booked for those who dare. This year, most of the activities are experienced inside Daftöland, and day visitors are also welcome to experience Spöktober activities such as ghost crafts, pumpkin carving, spookiness in the Crow Castle and Spökkällaren, ghost stories, games and rides in a couple of attractions. Day visitors pay an entrance fee of SEK 50 per person.

The resort runs the Ghost Train, which is an activity for the bravest pirates. The Ghost Train takes you on a tour around the facility occupied by spooks, one creepier than the other.

There will of course also be our big Ghost Party in the Packhuset Restaurant with food, drinks, shows and pranks with ghost pirates for resident guests. Places are released for day visitors subject to availability.

Book the accommodation and secure the funniest family adventure of the autumn holidays.

Spooky on Daftö - some activities are scarier than others

Accommodation and activities

You who stay with us during Spöktober have a full range of activities to choose from.
  • You get an activity band that gives you access to most of the activities at Daftöland. A ticket to Kråkslottet's scary movie in 4D can be purchased for those who dare
  • As a resident guest, you have the opportunity to book tickets to Spökpartajet in Packhuset with food, a bus and a show with ghost pirates in Packhuset
  • Tickets for Spöktober's scariest activity - the Ghost Train - can be purchased for those who are extra daring
  • Create your experience package according to what you want and dare - everything is available to you who live with us. Stay as you wish in a cabin, hotel or in your own mobile home or caravan on the campsite.

Create your experience package according to what you want and dare - everything is available to you who live with us. Stay as you wish in a cabin, hotel or in your own mobile home or caravan on the campsite.

When does what happen? Check out the calendar › Book your accommodation and Spökpartaj here ›

The ghost train for the brave

For those who dare, a ride on the Spöktåget around the facility is recommended, which has been taken over by spooks, one creepier than the other. The ghost train is for the very bravest of pirates. See available times and how to book and pay for your ticket via the link below. Welcome aboard....if you dare...

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Spökpartaj in Packhuset

Of course, there will also be our big Spökpartaj in the Packhuset Restaurant with food, drinks and a show with ghost pirates. Welcome to enjoy the ghost buffet, entertainment and time together with family and friends - the highlight of the autumn holidays!

Feel free to come dressed up - prize for best costume every night!

The Spökpartaj is primarily for our resident guests and tickets for day visitors are released subject to availability. Book Spökpartaj in connection with the accommodation booking and if you have already booked accommodation, contact reception and we will add it to your booking.


Book Spökpartaj in connection with the accommodation here › See the calendar for dates and times when Spökpartaj is held ›

Spöktober activities on Daftöland!

New for this year is that we are carrying out several of our activities inside Daftöland. At the same time, there is the opportunity to play in our game den, on the chocolate wheel and meet our pirates, who are of course scarier than usual.

In Vita piraten you can buy sweets and scares and at Himmel & pannkaka there is something to both eat and drink. A couple of attractions will be open and for the extra daring, we can recommend the Kråkslottet scary movie in 4D and a trip to Spökkällaren.. Do you dare to come here? You can book a ticket to the Kråkslottet via the link below.

Daftöland's activities are included for those who live with us, if you visit us during the day you can buy an entrance ticket for SEK 50 per person over 90 cm. The tickets are bought on the spot.

The amusement park is not open in its entirety, but our Spöktober activities have moved there. The game cave as well as a couple of attractions, shop and restaurant are open.

We promise it will be both scary and fun!

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Kråkslottet - movie in 4D with scary effects

Sit comfortably in the seat, put on the glasses and prepare for a movie experience out of the ordinary! In the XD cinema you become part of the film and we dare to promise that surprises await. Suddenly the seats shake back and forth, jets of water spray and suddenly the film comes out of the screen very close to you. During Spöktober it's scary, really scary.

The Kråkslottet is one of the attractions at Daftöland, the entrance to Daftöland is included for you if you stay with us and can be purchased for SEK 50 per person for those who visit Daftöland during the day.

The film in Kråkslottet is not included in the Daftölandséntren but can be purchased for SEK 30 per person for those who dare. You show your ticket at the entrance to the Kråkslottet.


Book Kråkslottet › See all Spöktober's activities in the calendar ›

Restaurant Packhuset

Packhuset is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can warm up before the Ghost Train with good food for a shorter Ghost Pirate Show for the smaller children.

In addition, you can book in at Spökpartaj if you live with us. During this time there is a ghost buffet in the restaurant and we also offer pizza for takeaway.

Book a table for dinner or for dinner with a ghost pirate show here. › Book accommodation and Spökpartaj here ›

Spöktoberkitkit & pumpkin carving

Buy our Spöktoberkit to make the accommodation atmospheric. Decorate together when you arrive. The kit is available to buy both in the shop at the reception and in the Vita Piraten shop on Daftöland.

If you want to carve a pumpkin as a decoration, you can buy it in Vita Piraten and we have space for carving at Daftöland.

MTB cycling during the autumn holidays

Bring your MTB bike to Daftö during the autumn holidays or rent one on site. You can also rent a helmet and headlamp. The headlamp can be good to have before headlamp cycling, an activity you do on your own where the headlamps help you find your way along the reflective trails.

At Daftö there are both flow courses and trail cycling in blue and red levels.

During Fridays and Wednesdays between 30/9-4/11, you can also book in on a cycling activity in a group with a guide that our partner Cykel & Salt conducts. Read more about the cycling activity and book it through the link below, go to "Tours" and then select "Hösthols MTB".

Mer om MTB-cykling på Daftö › More about the cycling activity with a guide ›

Autumn vacation cozy in Strömstad

Combine the days at the resort with experiences inside Strömstad. In Strömstad there is a bowling alley for a fun time with the family. In addition, a new skate park, so bring your skateboard and visit Strömstad's new hangout too. In the center you can also shop, have a coffee and stroll around during the day and then return to Daftö for Spökpartaj, Spöktåg and other activities during the afternoon and evening.

More about Bowling in Strömstad › More about the Skatepark › More about activities in Strömstad ›

Secure the autumn holiday adventure

Stay in a cabin, hotel or with your own accommodation on a campsite. Inside the online booking, you can also add Spökpartaj.

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