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The Daftö Train

The best way to get an overview of the Daftö area is by taking a ride on our own train line, the Daftö train. Usually, one of the Daftö pirates sits next to the train driver and guides you around, telling you all about the things that will make your days at Daftö as great as possible.

The Daftö Train is a favorite activity at Daftö Resort in Strömstad

The Daftö Train departs from the train station at Pizza Panget in Norrviken. Once the excited children and adults have settled into their seats and the train starts moving, the journey continues through some of the areas of the resort. If you happen to be on the ground when the train passes by, you can expect a cheerful 'Skepp O´Hoy' from the passengers. If you hear it, the children will be even happier if you happily wave and say 'Skepp O´Hoy' back – try it and see if we're right!

The Daftö Train is one of our favorite activities, especially during the peak summer season. The train also operates on certain holidays during spring, early summer, and autumn.

Keep an eye on the calendar to not miss the departures during other seasons.

Welcome aboard!

More activities with the pirates

At Daftö, a wide range of activities is included in the accommodation price, both with and without pirates. Check the calendar to see what's happening during your visit with us. Moreover, you'll find even more outdoor activities under 'Activities'.

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