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Wood-fired sauna and winter bathing

For question regarding the sauna

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the reception by calling +46(0)52626040 or email

Book the sauna:

The price for a full day is 1790 SEK.

You can book the pier sauna online via the button below


At Daftö, you have no "must-do's". Just be yourself and relax. If you feel best by exercising, you do it. If you just want to rest, no obligations will stop you. Everything has its time. That's why we have made sure that you can take care of yourself in the best way possible.

Warmth is a good start. You'll find warmth in our wood-fired sauna overlooking the beautiful archipelago of Daftö. Imagine a quiet autumn or winter evening as you enjoy a hot sauna combined with a cold winter swim – an unbeatable memory.

Book an evening together with your loved ones and let yourselves enjoy warmth, the sea, and a beautiful view.

Wood-fired sauna

During the colder seasons of the year, there is no water in the pier sauna. Instead, it functions as a wood-fired sauna that you heat yourself. The pier sauna also has changing rooms and a space with tables and benches. Feel free to bring along some snacks or drinks for a complete experience.

If you need to dispose of trash, you can do so at the Norrviken waste station, which you pass by on the way up from the pier sauna.

Price per day: 1790 SEK

Who can winter bathe?

Almost everyone! However, if you have cardiovascular disease or other illnesses, you should consult your doctor first. When you winter bathe, your blood pressure increases when you step into the cold water. Therefore, if you have constantly high blood pressure, you should avoid winter bathing. However, if it is temporarily high due to work, stress, or separation, winter bathing can actually lower blood pressure.

What are the health effects of winter bathing?

There are currently only scattered studies on the effects of winter bathing. A Finnish docent named Pirkko Huttunen suggests that it can alleviate pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients and that bathing makes people happier, reduces tension, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Perceived health effects of winter bathing:

Mental well-being, reduced stress symptoms: 67%

Less and no flu infections: 61%

Better sleep: 38%

Less pain: 36%

More energetic: 32%

Improved blood circulation: 29%

Source: Survey among nearly a thousand Finnish winter bathers by the Finnish outdoor organization Suomen Latu.

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