What happens at Daftö?

On Daftö there is a large activity program both with and without pirates (the activities are in Swedish). On this page you see which are carried out during each day. What are the activities and where is the gathering place. Most activities are included in the housing price, but there are some exceptions, such as boat trips to Koster, Skattkammarön and other boat adventures.

In addition, there are outdoor activities to choose from. You can challenge each other in the daftö fight, paddle tennis and adventure golf, hike on our various trails or just grill and socialize in our beautiful natural environment. You will find these types of activities under "Activities".

  • 10.00

    Crab fishing competition

    Why is everyone lying on their stomachs on the bridge, looking down into the waters of Söderviken? Yes, of course they fish for crabs! Bring everyone you know with you, because here everyone can join. A bucket, crab rod and a mussel are all that is needed and of course the Dafto pirates share both their equipment and their best crab catcher tips. It is important to try your patience for the beach crabs are really cunning. When we have finished fishing, we gather on the beach for the big crab race. The fastest crab gets a prize, but also the biggest and the smallest.

    We meet at Södra Stranden at 10.00.


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  • 10.00

    The pool area opens

    The pool area opens. Read more about the pool area here.

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  • 11.00

    Sandcastle competition

    Show what you can do with a shovel and bucket today! We meet at Södra Strand and then build sand castles together with the family or friend you travel with. Who decides who built the best? Of course the pirates - and they are indomitable.

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  • 11.00

    Daftöland opens

    Today at 11:00 the gates open for a day of fast-paced adventures in the amusement park Daftöland. Buy the entrance tickets at daftoland.se. The park is open 11: 00-18: 00.

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  • 12.00

    Pirate craft

    At Piratloftet you can paint, bead or cut and paste your very own pirate artwork. Welcome to crafts at Piratloftet between 12.00-13.00.

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