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08 september 2020

Lena Kempe, CEO of Daftö Resort, is a new board member of Visita

On 7 September, Lena Kempe was elected as a board member of Visita, the industry organization for the Swedish hospitality industry. Lena runs Daftö Resort in Strömstad, a recognized and award-winning resort that offers all forms of accommodation, activities, restaurants and its own amusement park.

- It feels fantastically fun and exciting, especially after a tough year like this. I look forward to contributing to the industry's development through issues I am passionate about, says Lena Kempe.

Lena grew up in Strömstad and after education she chose to move back and assume the role of CEO in the family business, which she now runs in the third generation.

In addition to running her own company, she has, among other things, been a board member of SCR Svensk Camping and worked to promote the destination Strömstad.

2020 has been a tough year for the hospitality industry, just like for many other industries. How does it feel to join the board of Visita in a year like this?

- It feels more important than ever to contribute and influence. We have gone through a difficult year, but one that has also given us new insights that we carry with us going forward. You have vacationed in a new way and have been able to experience more of Sweden, which hopefully has contributed to us appreciating our own country even more, Lena answers.

What questions are closest to your heart as a new board member in Visita?

- At Daftö, we work to sell happiness. It's a lot of fun to sell joy, but it could be easier. I look forward to working further with issues that facilitate and enable business owners, not least when it comes to the regulatory framework.

Those who work closely with Lena would describe her as a woman with a lot of courage, who dares to bet big. With Lena's experience in running a facility that offers all types of accommodation, restaurants and amusement parks, she becomes a good and important representative for the industry.

Press contact: Lena Kempe,, 073-2709950

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