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07 november 2018

Lena Kempe is the 'Woman of the Year' in the Hospitality Industry

Daftö Resorts CEO Lena Kempe has been named Woman of the Year in the hospitality industry by Visita. She receives the award for her contributions to developing the family-owned camping site outside Strömstad into an internationally recognized resort.

"I am, of course, incredibly proud and grateful for this award, but most of all, just very, very happy," says Lena Kempe.

At the age of seven, she stood behind the counter at Daftö for the first time. At 13, she began summer work in earnest, and at 30, she took over as CEO. For Lena Kempe, almost her entire life has revolved around Daftö Resort. She is the third-generation owner and has, through hard work, immense drive, and great courage, managed to develop the facility by always daring to invest.

"We will never stop improving, refining, developing, and creating new things. It is that, along with fantastic staff, that makes us one of Europe's best holiday resorts," says Lena Kempe.

Her longstanding commitment to developing both Daftö Resort and the tourism industry is also what has led to her being named Woman of the Year in the tourism industry.

"We produce joy for and with people. That's also what makes me truly passionate about the tourism industry," Lena concludes.


"The award is given to a woman who successfully leads and develops one of Sweden's major tourism companies, with a determined focus on quality and guest experiences. The recipient's facility has been awarded a five-star Superplatz by the German motor organization ADAC's members for the 15th consecutive year, making it one of the top tourist facilities in Europe. This year, the facility has also been awarded the Great Family Holiday Prize as the best campsite for families."

About the award:

The 'Woman of the Year in the Tourism Industry' award was established as a gift to Visita's chairman, Maud Olofsson, on her 60th birthday. This year, it is being awarded for the third time, and the prize is primarily honor, but also includes 25,000 SEK.

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