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24 october 2019

Sensational Discovery outside Daftö Resort

The echoes of history are clearer than ever at Daftö Resort as marine archaeologists have now found wreckage parts from what is likely one of Karl XII's warships.

It's a very exciting discovery, even though we've always known that historical sea adventures have taken place here. Privateers, ships, and pirates are part of our history and our identity," says Lena Kempe, CEO of Daftö Resort.

Several media outlets have reported that wreckage parts, likely from one of Karl XII's warships, have been found just outside the guest harbor at Daftö Resort. A team of marine archaeologists has been working since last week to document the ship. One of the found wreckage parts - a cannonball - indicates that the ship is a discovery from the Swedish armed forces during the 18th century. The theory that the marine archaeologists have about the ship is that it has been in battle but then sunk by the crew itself to prevent it from being taken over by the enemy. Soon, the marine archaeologists will likely be able to determine exactly which Swedish galley lies at the bottom outside the resort.

Daftö Resort - with adventures and pirates in focus - has built its theme around the historical events that took place in the water during the 18th century outside the current holiday resort. It has previously been known that piracy under the crown's flag was ongoing there, with the aim of strengthening the crown. In the Battle of Dynekilen, just north of Strömstad, Karl XII's Swedish fleet was defeated by Norway's Peter Wessel Tordenskjold.

"The fact that one of the ships that was sunk has been found just outside the resort is of course sensational, especially since it fits so well with our privateer history," says Lena Kempe.

Daftö's privateer history tells how some of the Swedish privateers escaped the enemy and how they, Captain Blackpowder and his crew, continued their adventures at Daftö.

"The ship lying here at the bottom of the sea was probably used to defend Strömstad. Now it's up to us to defend and tell its story. Pirates and sea adventures are an important part of our identity at Daftö Resort, and the discovery strengthens that. It will be exciting to see what else is found here. We naturally want to do what we can to highlight and tell the exciting local history to the public," concludes Lena Kempe, CEO of Daftö Resort.

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