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Five star camping open year-round

Camping in Strömstad, on the Swedish west coast

Here you can camp with a caravan, mobile home or tent. All plots have electricity, cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Hot water in the service houses and a large range of activities are included. Welcome to the adventure!


Drive here, check in and park. Now the holidays can begin! We have filled out an activity program that you and your children can experience just as much or as little as you want. You don't have to do anything here! The restaurants welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner with entertainment. If you'd rather eat in the motorhome, caravan or tent, do so - the shop supplies everything you could possibly need and if you've forgotten the grill, it can be rented on site. It should be easy and fun to camp with us. Hope to see you!

Choose the camping area that suits you best

If you want to live really close to Daftöland, have an extra-large plot and want to be closest to the most luxurious service house, choose Höglandet. In Mittlandet, you are close to everything, and Söderviken or Norrviken are suitable for those who want to be able to dip their toes in the sea as soon as possible in the morning. This is also where you who camp with a tent live - on the best sea plots. Norrviken and Söderviken also have beautiful pitches for you with a motorhome.


At Höglandet you live at the top of Daftö, close to nature and a stone's throw from the entertainment hub Daftöland. As your nearest neighbour, you have Pirate Village, a hangout for the local Daftö pirates.


In Mittlandet, you live exactly as the name suggests, in the middle of the Daftö area. The area suits you who want to be close to everything.


Norrviken is Daftö's northernmost bay. Here you live right by the water with a fantastic view, beach, brew sauna and close to the pulse.


Söderviken is situated close to the sea, bathing pier, boat tours, and it features two service buildings. From Söderviken, you can cross the road to reach the reception, restaurant, pool, and Daftöland, or you can walk via the jetty to Norrviken.

Award-winning family camping in Strömstad

Welcome to a five-star campsite on the West Coast, 5 km south of Strömstad and halfway between Oslo and Gothenburg. With a wide range of activities, swimming in the sea and pool and proximity to Koster, you can experience the best of Bohuslän with us.

Daftö Resort's campsite on the West Coast is surrounded by beautiful nature. Here you can choose to live in a caravan, mobile home or set up your tent in one of four different camping areas.

Good to know about parking and electric car charging

One car may be parked on each camping site, provided it is 2 meters to the site boundary due to fire safety guidelines. If you need space for more cars, you can park in the paid parking spaces outside the reception or at Daftöland. Between the Pirathotellet and the conference building there are charging points for electric cars that are paid for via the Easypark app. Electric cars may not be charged anywhere other than via these electric car chargers, charging the car via the campsite's electricity pole is therefore prohibited.

Do you want to try camping on Daftö but don't have a mobile home or caravan?

If you don't have your own mobile home or caravan, it can feel like a big step to start camping, but it doesn't have to be. You can try on, feel and test different vehicles before choosing the type and model you want. Or maybe it just stops at renting, to avoid storing and managing. At MyCamper you can rent a caravan or mobile home near you. Rent a vehicle that suits you and come to us to try camping life.

Are you going to travel on from Strömstad to other campsites?

We are members of Camping Västkust and there are 49 campsites from Strömstad in the north to Laholm in the south. On the website you can see who these are and find out which ones meet your requirements and wishes.

The story behind camping

When camping as a holiday hobby developed in Sweden during the first half of the 20th century, it was initially only tents that applied. During the post-war period, visitors started coming more and more often to knock on the doors of farm farmers around Bohuslän and ask for permission to pitch their tents on their plots. The visitors naturally chose the places they thought were the most beautiful and over time these farmers began to realize the value of organizing more organized camping activities with common solutions for toilet, shower and cooking. In other words, it is no wonder that the campsites in Bohuslän are as beautiful as they are - it is the camper himself who chose the location.

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