When you are at Daftö

On this page, you will find information for your days at Daftö. Which activities to experience, links to table booking for dinner with or without entertainment and other things that might be good to know about during your stay. 

Things to do at Daftö

Winter at Daftö

Winter is a calm and beautiful time at Daftö. If you visit us during the winter, you'll experience a time when we mainly offer accommodation and nature.

You can read more about what you can experience with us during the winter period through the link.

Wood-fired sauna and winter bathing

At the resort, there is, among other things, a wood-fired pier sauna and the opportunity for a dip in the sea. A perfect place to enjoy with your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. During the winter, the pier sauna is also a perfect spot for winter bathing.

Hiking trails

At Daftö, there are several hiking trails of varying lengths and terrains. Through forests, along the coastline, and over cliffs. Additionally, there are several well-known trails not far from the resort, such as Bohusleden and Kuststigen. You can choose from several different trails, each offering unique landscapes and environments based on what you're eager to experience.

Restaurant and supermarket

During the period when Daftö's own shops and restaurants are closed, we recommend exploring the offerings in the city center. Click on the link below for more information about these options. If you prefer to buy groceries and cook in your cabin, there is an ICA Kvantum store not far from us. Head towards the city center and go straight at the first roundabout to reach it.

Things to do in and around Strömstad

Combine your days at the resort with experiences in Strömstad. In Strömstad, there's a bowling alley for a fun time with the family. Additionally, there's a skatepark, so bring your skateboard and check out Strömstad's new hangout spot.

In the city center, you can enjoy shopping, have a coffee, and leisurely stroll around during the day before returning to Daftö

More about the skatepark >>

More about bowling in Strömstad >>

More about activities in Strömstad >>

Check-in and check-out


For those checking in on a camping pitch, you can do so from 1:00 PM. For those checking in to our cabins or at the Pirate Hotel, you're welcome to do so from 3:00 PM.


During check-out, it's at 11:00 AM for all types of accommodations. If you're staying in a cabin and have opted for final cleaning, check-out occurs at 10:00 AM.


Find your accommodation

At Daftö there's 130 cabins and 850 camping sites. If you're checking in via our reception we'll help you to find your place, but there might be times where you'll have to find you own way to your spot. Click the link down below to see our resort map. 

If you're having trouble finding your accommodation, don't hesitate to contact our reception or any of our staff around the area. 

Call reception at: +46(0)526-26040

Times & phone number

If you need to contact the reception you can either visit us at site, call us at +46(0)526-26040, via the chat at dafto.se or email us at info@dafto.se

Between 24:00-07:00 it must be quiet, wa are a family resort. 

Other important phone numbers

SOS 112

The healthcare information 1177
Jour (when the reception is closed) +46 (0)526-688 79 
Watchman +46 (0)526-688 75
Taxi +46 (0)526-122 00

Final cleaning of cottage

Have you bought for final cleaning?
Then you just need to wash dishes and throw away the rubbish. If you have rented bed linen, place these inside the front door. If you did not book final cleaning at the time of booking but regretted it, you can contact the reception and choose to do so until one day before departure.

Have you not bought for final cleaning?
Press "Read more" to see what then needs to be done before you check out.

Kitchen - clean stove, oven and microwave. Empty the fridge, freezer and dry clean inside and out. Sink, tiles above sink, cabinet doors and drawers are wiped clean. Garbage bags are removed and garbage cans are cleaned.
Bathroom - Toilet seat, sink and shower are cleaned in and around. Bathroom cabinets, mirrors and shelves are wiped off.
Floors and furniture - All floor surfaces are vacuumed and wet wiped off. Chairs, tables, TVs and stair railings are inspected and dusted or wiped. Sofas and beds are cleaned.
Remember - Look through the accommodation so that nothing is forgotten. Make sure that doors and windows are closed and locked. Always throw away the rubbish, empty the dishwasher.

Parking and electric car charging

Charging posts for electric cars are  located next to the conference building and are paid for via the Easypark app.

The area code is 71700. The price per kw is SEK 5 + SEK 15 per hour in parking fee. The charging station can charge a maximum of 22 kw per hour depending on how many cars are charged at the same time.

Electric cars may not be charged anywhere other than via these electric car chargers. Charging via the cottage's electrical outlet or via the camping site's electric pole is prohibited.

When the car is fully charged, it can remain, at a cost of SEK 15 per hour. Cars that are not charged can also be parked in this car park at the same price. Then zone 71698 is registered.

If you do not need electricity, there are more parking spaces at the reception and next to Daftöland, also paid through Easypark.

Free Wifi

Of course we have free wifi.

Welcome to connect to our network DaftoGuest and fill in the password pirat1234

Wifi is free for guests staying in any of our accommodations. 

Renovation of Service Building 6

We have started the renovation of Service Building 6 at Norrviken. The plan is for the renovation to be completed by spring 2024. Due to this, Service Building 6 and Norrviken will be closed to day guests during the affected period.

We recommend alternative accommodations at Söderviken and Höglandet during this period, as well as our other service buildings for shower, toilet, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope that these changes will enhance your comfort and enjoyment when the service building undergoes a significant upgrade.