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Children's Daftö

Here, every day is an adventure for the whole family. There's just as much fun for the kids as there is relaxation for the parents since you don't have to figure out what to do - the activities are served up! With us, you experience the activities together with your children because quality time together is the best thing we know!

Below, you can read about some of the many adventures you can experience during your stay at Daftö.

Live as a pirate

For the children, the vacation becomes that little bit extra when you also stay as pirates, which you do best in, among other options, our themed cottages or in the Pirate Hotel. There are also camping sites and a guest harbor available.

Pool area

Just like the Daftö pirates, we love water in all its forms. Here, there are three pools with pirate ships, waterfalls, water cannons, slides, and lookout towers. Board a pirate ship in the adventure pool and splash your friends or siblings with the water cannon.

Pirate adventures

With the pirates, you'll find all sorts of fun activities! From crab fishing and sandcastle competitions to treasure hunts, pirate crafts, and pirate shows. Our calendar is updated with all the summer activities!


Panget & Pirate loft

In our activity houses, there's plenty of fun to be had together with both friends and family. Panget is for the slightly older children, and at Piratloftet, there are crafts and other activities for the younger ones.

the Daftö train

The best way to get an overview of the Daftö area is to take a ride on our own train line, the Daftö Train. Next to the train driver in the Daftö Train sits one of the Daftö Pirates who guides you around and tells you about everything that will make your days at Daftö as enjoyable as possible.

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