Experience Koster

It’s quiet. A June morning. The time is just before six. In the distance, the thumping sound of a gig on its way out can be heard. The sea is smooth as glass. The sun slowly warms up the cliffs, sandy beaches and the jetty’s windswept wood. A perfect morning in Koster.

But it could just as well be lunchtime or evening, a frost-bitten autumn day, a winter storm or maybe the first days of spring in March. You can visit the Koster Islands at any time of the year and be as spellbound and fascinated by the unique nature and special atmosphere of the two islands.

The Koster Islands consist of Sydkoster and Nordkoster as well as hundreds of small islets, skerries and holms. Just over 300 year-round inhabitants can boast that they live in the westernmost inhabited place in Sweden, and one of the sunniest.

Nordkoster is the smaller of the islands. It has many beautiful trails, so the best way to get around is on foot. There are also many swimming places.

Don’t miss the views from Koster’s lighthouses on the rock Högen. The history of the lighthouses is not as nice as the view however. They were built to warn ships of the dangerous shoals outside, but the lighthouse lights were too high. In good visibility, the captains thought they were stars and when the clouds were low they couldn’t be seen – so there were many shipwrecks before new lighthouses were built on Ursholmen and Malören.

Sydkoster is twice the size of Nordkoster. There you can hire a cycle, though it’s not actually too big to walk. Don’t miss the views from Valfjäll and the picturesque fishing harbour Brevik.

Boat and ferry to Koster
On Tuesdays and Thursdays weeks 26-33, boat trips to Koster depart from Daftö’s own jetty and stop at Ekenäs jetty on Sydkoster, close to Rörvik beach, restaurants and a kiosk. There is also a newly built Naturum (nature information centre) where you can learn everything about Kosterhavet National Park.

A ferry also runs from the centre of Strömstad out to Koster. Tickets are available to buy on board or on the quay before departure. See prices and timetables.

Experience the Koster Islands by cycle
Cycling on Sydkoster is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. The island (8 km2) is as good as free of cars, and you’ll probably only meet a few front-platform mopeds and other cyclists. For those who take the Koster ferry out for the day and don’t want to take their own cycle, there are cycle hire companies by the landing jetties. Let the wheels roll along the gravel roads and take the day as it comes. Pack a picnic or stock up in the food shop at the centre of the island. If you just want to enjoy cycling with light packing, there are nice restaurants along the way.

Accommodation on Koster
Koster has everything from camping and cottages to a guest house and hotel. Those who want to pitch a tent can do so at the nature camping near Vettnet on Nordkoster. This is the only place on the islands where it is permitted to pitch a tent.

Combine a visit to Koster with a pirate adventure and accommodation at Daftö Resort in a cottage or on a pitch.

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