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Experience the archipelago and islands of Kosterhavet

Boat tours to Koster islands from Daftö

During the summer, the boat departs from Daftö's excursion pier to Ekenäs pier on Sydkoster, a great starting point for an eventful day on Koster, and we'll be back at Daftö around dinnertime, approximately 15:50.

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The Koster Islands can be visited at any time of the year, and you will be equally enchanted and fascinated by the unique nature and special atmosphere of the two islands. The Koster Islands consist of Sydkoster and Nordkoster, as well as hundreds of small islets, rocks, and islets surrounding them

The approximately 300 year-round residents can boast of living in Sweden's westernmost inhabited place, and one of the sunniest as well.

Nordkoster is the smaller of the islands. Here, there are many beautiful trails, so the best way to get around is on foot. There are plenty of bathing spots, and you can choose whether to swim from scenic beaches or dive into the clear blue waters from one of the beautiful cliffs.

Sydkoster is twice the size of Nordkoster. Here, you can rent a bike or stroll around to experience beautiful viewpoints, picturesque fishing harbors, and renovated boathouses offering delicacies from sea and land when hunger strikes.

However, the history of Ursholmen and the lighthouses is not as beautiful as the views you can experience from there. They were built to warn ships of the dangerous grounds outside, but the lighthouse lights were placed too high. In good visibility, many captains mistook them for stars, and when the clouds were low, they were not visible - so shipwrecks were frequent before new lighthouses were built.

Evert Taube drew much inspiration from here. During the summer, it's your turn to be inspired by experiencing one or more boat trips departing from Daftö's excursion pier. Some tours include food and more interesting history from our archipelago. During spring, winter, and autumn, you can take a boat to Koster from Strömstad's center. Find out which boat tour suits you and your travel companions best and book the boat trips through the reception.

Tours from Daftö

Boat and ferry to Koster

On Thursday week 24 and every Tuesday and Thursday in week 25-32, boat trips to Koster depart from Daftö's own pier and stop at Ekenäs pier on Sydkoster, close to Rörvik beach, restaurants, and kiosk. Here, you'll also find the newly built "Naturum" where you can learn all about Koster's national park. You can also take the ferry from Strömstad's center out to Koster. Tickets can be purchased on board or at the pier before departure.

Explore the Koster Islands by bike

Cycling on Sydkoster is a delightful activity for the whole family. The island is virtually car-free, and you'll likely only encounter mopeds and other cyclists. For those taking the Koster ferry for a day trip and not bringing their own bikes, there are bike rental services at the docking piers. Then, let the tires roll along the gravel roads and take the day as it comes. Feel free to pack a picnic or stock up on provisions at the grocery store in the middle of the island. If you prefer to simply enjoy cycling with light gear, there are charming restaurants along the way.

Koster runt med Elbuss

When booking a trip to Koster from Daftö Resort, we recommend joining the Koster Guide for a guided tour in an electric bus. They provide an interesting and immersive history of the islands. The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours and can be booked when you reserve your trip to Koster.

Boende på Koster

På Koster finns alltifrån camping och stugor till pensionat och hotell. Den som vill tälta kan göra det på naturcampingen nära Vettnet på Nordkoster. Detta är den enda tillåtna tältplatsen på öarna. Kombinera ett besök till Koster med piratäventyr och boende på Daftö Resort, i stuga eller camping.

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