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The activities are many and some of them are scarier than others. Spöktober at Daftö takes place during the Swedish and Norwegian autumn holidays, Wednesday to Saturday weeks 40, 41 and 44.

During Spöktober, a range of activities is offered that will make even the bravest pirate tremble. Many activities are included for you who live here and others can be booked for those who dare.

Most of the activities are carried out inside Daftöland, and day visitors are also welcome to experience Spöktober activities with varying degrees of creepiness, fast-paced rides and games. Day visitors pay an entrance fee.

More information about the various activities that take place at Daftöland and at the resort will be updated here shortly, but we can already promise a spooky time at Daftö... Check out the film from 2023 and secure your accommodation already now!

Spöktobervideo 2023

Autumn holiday accommodation and activities

You who stay with us during Spöktober have a full range of activities to choose from. Create your experience package according to what you want and dare - everything is available to you who live with us. Stay as you wish in a cabin, hotel or in your own mobile home or caravan on the campsite.

Autumn holiday activities in the amusement park

We carry out several of Spöktober's activities inside Daftöland. Play in the Spelhålan, on the chocolate wheel, meet our ghost pirates, experience fast-paced rides in the attractions and more or less scary Spöktober activities. The activity calendar will be updated with these activities shortly. In addition, you can play in the Spelhålan and experience fast-paced rides in attractions such as Kapten Krock, Storm, Armada, Skeppsgungan, Kruttunnan, Kuling and Skutan.

The ghost train – for the bravest

For those who dare, a trip with the Ghost Train is recommended. The ghost train takes you on a tour around the facility that has been taken over by spooks, one creepier than the other. Welcome aboard....if you dare... Tickets are released closer to Spöktober.

Day visit during Spöktober

Spöktober is not just for our overnight guests. Of course, we also welcome day visitors who are hungry for ghosts! If you want to visit us for the day, you can buy a Spöktober ticket to gain access to Daftöland with attractions, games and the Spöktober activities that take place in the amusement park. The Spöktober tickets will be released for the summer of 2024.

Spökpartaj in Packhuset

During Spöktober, the pirates set up a ghost buffet and show in the Packhuset Restaurant. Welcome to enjoy the buffet, entertainment on stage and time with family and friends - one of the highlights of the autumn holidays! Table booking is released for summer 2024.

Autumn vacation cozy in Strömstad

Combine the days at the resort with experiences inside Strömstad. In Strömstad there is a bowling alley for a fun time with the family. In addition, a skate park, so bring your skateboard and visit Strömstad's new hangout too. In the center you can also shop, have a coffee and stroll around during the day and then return to Daftö for Spökpartaj, Spöktåg and other activities during the afternoon and evening.

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