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The activity plan

The pitch has durable artificial grass and lines adapted for both football and handball. The Daftö pirates' rule is applied here - everyone can join! With that, of course, it's just as well to be a cheerleader on the side.

On the Activity Plan you can play and have fun with your friends. The activity plan can of course be used for other than ball sports. Exercise, play or just hang out with friends. You will find the Activity Plan west of Höglandet and north of Norrviken.

At the Activity Plan there is also a map of the hiking trails, which makes it a good starting point if you want to experience nature on foot. And just above the Activity Plan you will find our outdoor gym.

Training with the sports association

The activity plan can be rented by your sports association and can be combined with theory in the conference building and accommodation at the resort. A combo that, among others, IFK Göteborg experienced during a couple of training camps at Daftö Resort.

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Rent the activity plan

If you want to use the Activity Plan for a workout or other activity, you can do so for SEK 250 per hour. Contact reception for booking.

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