Brew sauna by the sea

The fact that you chose to spend some of your days off with us is something we are happy about. Your weekends and holidays are valuable. This is when you can gather energy and experience what creates memories to look back on. Our brew sauna is one of the places where you can enjoy, reflect and spend time together with loved ones.

In the brew sauna, many people have spent their evenings and enjoyed the company of family, friends or colleagues and the last rays of the sun that color the sky pink. We hope that such an evening will also end up in your memory after a visit with us.

Experiences from the brew sauna in all seasons

The brewing sauna can be rented throughout the year and you can accumulate different experiences from it depending on the season. The brew sauna is a bit secluded, which makes it a nice moment if you want to get away from the noise and shoals of the resort's beaches during the summer. It becomes extra magical during late summer when the sea sparkles with sea fire.

During autumn, winter and spring, you can instead combine the warming moments in the sauna with a winter bath.

The brew sauna consists of a sauna, a changing room and a space with tables, benches and a small fridge to keep food and drinks cold. If you need to throw away rubbish, you do so at Norrviken's garbage station, which you drive past on your way up from the brew sauna.

The price for renting the brew sauna for a weekend is SEK 1450.

Mareld - what is it and when can it be experienced?

Marled is plankton that gathers and emits short flashes. If you jump into the ocean after dark, it's like bathing in a glittering firework.

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