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Seasonal camping on Daftö

We have close to 350 seasonal pitches at Daftö and there are many people who choose to rent seasonal pitches and seasonal campsites with us, both with a caravan and with a mobile home. Maybe it's something for you too? If so, we welcome you to the community. Time together is something we value highly.

Seasonal camping at Daftö Resort in Strömstad

Why Daftö? Many of our guests have chosen Daftö for the high standard of everything from the service houses to the service and the proximity to the sea and the forest. Our activities such as adventure golf, hiking trails and barbecue areas by both sea and forest areas, padel, pool area, Daftöland amusement park, boat trips, pirate-led activities during the summer and brew sauna for rent.

We also have generous opening hours at reception and several restaurants with varied opening hours throughout the year. As a seasonal guest, you can also rent a boat berth to go out on Kosterhavet.

Seasonal camping with caravan

Here you can camp seasonally with a caravan during two seasons, winter (15/9-1/5) and summer (1/5-15/9). If you have a seat during one of the periods, you have priority to continue and possibly change your seat.

Seasonal camping with mobile home

Seasonal camping with a mobile home is suitable for those who want to have their mobile home in one and the same place for a longer period. You can come and go as you like or leave the motorhome. You are close to the sea, hiking trails and can enjoy the silence and tranquility that Daftö offers during spring, autumn and winter.

Boat berth for seasonal guests

You who rent a seasonal spot with us during the summer also have the option of renting a boat berth to easily and conveniently get out on the Koster Sea, a fantastic and unique archipelago.

Two camping areas with seasonal pitches

Seasonal camping in Norrviken

Norrviken is suitable for those who love the sea and nature but who at the same time want to be close to the pulse and activities of the summer. Here you are close to the newly renovated Service House 6 with showers, toilets and a sauna. Outside the service building there is a CamperClean where you can easily and conveniently empty the latrine.

Next to the service center there is a large playground, car wash, a smaller playground and a little further away an activity plan as well as hiking trails and an outdoor gym. If you go down towards the sea instead, you will find a smaller beach, guest harbor and a brewery sauna.

Although the area on Daftö is large, everything is within a short walk. Say hello to more of the seasonal guests at Söderviken, where you'll find the larger beach. Between Norrviken and Söderviken is our reception with generous opening hours, restaurants, shop and the Daftöland Amusement Park.

Seasonal camping in Söderviken

Söderviken is located at Daftö's southernmost latitudes, an area that is appreciated by those who want to get away from the pulse and activities of summer. Many plots have sea views and close to the largest of Daftö's two beaches. You live more secluded and need to cross a road to get to the remaining area with pool, reception, shop and restaurants.

As a seasonal guest in Söderviken, you are close to two service houses, numbers 2 and 4, depending on where in the area you live. Service house 2 is the largest in Söderviken and there are laundry facilities, toilets and showers, as well as a family room and sauna. Outside the service house there is a larger playground and a smaller playground you will find closer to service house 4. In service house 4 there are also washing facilities, showers and toilets.

Does Norrviken or Söderviken suit you best?

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Are you looking for more information, have questions or do you want help finding a home in the right place for you? We are happy to advise and help you!

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