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Hiking in Northern Bohuslän

The nature around Daftö is something we have become known for, and we hope that you too will want to experience it. Breathe in the salty air, feel the calmness the sea provides, and create memories together as you experience nature on foot.

Hiking Trails at Daftö Resort

At the resort, we have our own trails of varying lengths. You can walk on these above the Activity Area, and symbols will help you find your way along the trail. Just after the Activity Area, there is also an outdoor gym if you want to start or finish with some cardio-boosting exercise.

  • Hiking with Children - The Kapar Trail (Kaparleden) is 1.5 km long and suitable for the whole family with adventurous stops along the way. Information boards provide more knowledge about nature, the sea, and the history of Bohuslän.
  • The History Trail (Historieleden) is 2 km long and an excellent option for those who are history enthusiasts. Along the trail, there are many exciting stories of Bohuslän's history.
  • The Nature Trail (naturleden) is 5 km long with partly hilly terrain. It's advisable to wear comfortable shoes and get out there. On the Nature Trail, you experience a beautiful beach, sea, and forest in a delightful combination

The Bohusleden Trail Stages 25-27

The Bohusleden Trail winds its way along paths, small roads, through forests, and sometimes through idyllic farms. The Bohusleden consists of 27 stages offering a total of 37 kilometers of varied hiking. The trail also offers views of the landscape, and a trip up to Bohuslän's highest mountain, Björnerödpiggen, near Krokstrand, offers beautiful views of the Idefjord and the surrounding landscape.

We offer transportation to any of the Bohusleden stages 27-25. We can also help you park your car at the end of the stage and then drive you to the starting point. The price varies depending on which stage you want to be driven to and whether you want help leaving your car at the end or being driven to the start and from the end. Contact us with your preferences, and we will provide you with price information.

More hiking trails in northern Bohuslän

For those who can't get enough of experiencing northern Bohuslän on foot, there are more places in our vicinity that we can recommend


A nature reserve where the majority of the island is covered with pine forest, some of which are over 200 years old. Here, you can also find Ostronört and Kostertistel (both protected species). There are opportunities for swimming in the sea from sandy beaches as well as from cliffs. Download a brochure with a map via the link below


Regular boat traffic operates year-round to the country's western inhabited islands, most of which are nature reserves. During the summer, boats also run from Daftö's pier to Koster. The islands offer excellent hiking opportunities along trails, with marked paths on both islands. The islands are large enough to be explored on foot, and in the summertime, it's never far to take a salty dip in the sea. Learn more about hiking on Nordkoster via the link below.

Download pdf-folder with a map of Saltö >>

Read more about hiking at North Koster here >>

Boat tour to Koster from Dafto (summer) >>

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