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Opening hours

Daftöland opens for the season during the spring weekends of Kristi Himmel and Pentecost, and thereafter the park is open every day from June 15.

During the spring weekends, one or a few restaurants are open and all open to diners from June 15.

Order food via HappyOrder

When the amusement park is open, you can order the food via HappyOrder and continue the adventures in the amusement park until the food is ready.

Order food here

Adventure makes you hungry! At Daftöland there are several restaurants to choose from for food and drink. Of course, there is also cooling ice cream, coffee, slush and popcorn when it's time for a break. Keep in mind that there are many people who want to eat around lunchtime, then the waiting time is the longest.

Himmel & Pannkaka

Here you can eat good food in the center of the action. Our fine café in the middle of Daftöland offers salads, pies, pancakes and, not least, ice cream in big loads! When you've eaten, you can leave mom and dad again and continue playing in the park. Himmel & Pannkaka is a cashless restaurant, pay with credit card or Swish.


In the Slush bar at Daftöland, we serve refreshing and delicious slush, completely without azo dyes. You can of course also buy spun sugar and popcorn for your slush. Quick energy before the adventures at Nöjesparken Daftöland continue.


New energy for all pirates with food from cannon food, here are hamburgers, chicken nuggets and sausages. Of course vegetarian and tasty fries are served. You will find Kanonmat opposite Silverforsen. Kanonmat is a cashless restaurant, pay by credit card or Swish.


The 2023 novelty at our amusement park is the Sugar Bomb! Here you can experience an explosion of flavors with our large selection of ice cream and churros, topped with various accessories. Come and enjoy a delicious sugar shock!

Svartkruts Hak

When the coffin is rattling, it is at Svartkruts Hak that you will find food and hangings for real pirates. Here, kebabs are served in various forms.

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