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One of the country's most well-stocked camping stores

We have a lot of camping accessories in our store. Adapters, extension cords, special cleaning, tent pegs, tension straps and tape in all its forms. If you can't find what you need, one of the country's most well-stocked camping stores is just under 5 km from here. You can find the accessory shop at Trädgårdsgatan 6, on the way towards Strömstad.

Other shops in the immediate area

When the store is closed, if you are looking for raw materials that you cannot find with us or if you want to buy wholesale, we can recommend ICA Kvantum, which is relatively close. Go towards the center and straight ahead at the first roundabout to get there. Willys is inside the Strömstad Shopping Center at Oslovägen 50.

Opening hours:

June 10 - August 10

Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 21:00

See more opening hours here.

Opening hours

Our store has most of what you need for a successful holiday

Here you can buy everything from fresh bread and coffee in the morning to meat to grill for dinner and sweets for evening comfort. In addition to food, we have a wide range of toys and necessities you may have forgotten at home, such as water guns, adapters or toothbrushes. We have everything for a smooth camping experience without having to leave the area

Most everything you need in one place

When we decide the store's assortment, the idea is that you should not have to go away and shop, unless of course you want to. Here you can buy everything from clothes to cords, vegetables and the entire dinner menu.

And do you know what is our bestseller? Freshly baked rolls of course! We sell almost 70,000 pieces per season to all the breakfast lovers out there. For us, bread baking is a passion and we want you to enjoy it every morning during your stay with us.

You will find our grocery store between the reception and Restaurant Packhuset. Come by and stock up on everything you need for a comfortable and lovely stay with us.

Donate your deposit to the Jontefonden and add a golden edge to life for those who really need it

Around the resort there are blue Pantamera bins where you can place your pledge and at the same time do a nice deed for children and young people who have or are about to transplant organs and their siblings. You can find the deposit bins at our recycling stations. All the money that the deposit generates goes to the Jontefonden, it is one of several ways we support their fine work. You can read more about our collaboration and about Jontefonden here.

Man who works in the store and in the front of the image are toys, which are sold in the store.

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