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Welcome to Daftö!

About Daftö Resort

Welcome to Daftö!

- On Daftö we live, eat and play like pirates. Pirates take children and adults on crazy antics such as crab fishing competitions, sandcastle competition and boat trips to Treasure Island. At the resort, there are also lots of activities to do on your own, such as the Daftökampen where everyone who has been sitting at home cheering for Robinson, the Champions of Masters and the Wild Kids can now challenge the family. Privateers and pirates meet in challenges for both bud and body. In addition, we offer adventure golf, padel courts, plenty of playgrounds, a large pool area, hiking and running tracks, outdoor gym, boat trips to the Koster Islands and not least our own amusement park Daftöland.

When hunger strikes, there are several restaurants and eateries to choose from - most with the option of take away. With outdoor activities for the whole family, every day becomes an adventure.

In addition, we have a conference building that can accommodate up to 80 people all year round, a brew sauna for rent and numerous activities. That is, we have something for everyone!

We are located just 5 km from the cozy coastal community of Strömstad on the West Coast. The facility is open all year round and has capacity for approx. 3,000 overnight guests. We have 130 cabins with 550 beds, 12 hotel rooms, 10 guest berths and space for 840 caravans, mobile homes and tents.

We want to be a part of your outdoor experience and want you to come back here regardless of whether you are with us as a vacationer, a person enjoying life or a conference guest.


Daftö Resort creates world-class experiences.

Business idea

Our guests choose us when they want to get away from everyday life and do something together. They have high demands on the experience, accommodation, surroundings and hospitality. We welcome families with children, adults without children, companies, organizations and associations that value experiences and their time highly.

The story of Daftö and how it all started 50 years ago

On the first of May 1974, the Kempe family took over Milton's Camping in Strömstad. The name was immediately changed to Daftö, with a vision of a modern campsite that was more about creating experiences than tent sites.

Grandfather Ossian & grandmother Linnea Kempe took their family from Sollefteå to Strömstad in the early 60s. Their entrepreneurial spirits found outlet through several activities that involved the whole family.

The children Ulf and Stig focused on the campsite in particular and built it up the competence to run the modern camping of the time.
Ulf met the Norwegian Mette who was working in Grebbestad for the summer.
With her came the business acumen and together this trio formed a fantastic alliance that laid the foundation for what Daftö is today. It has been 50 years of true joy, hospitality and guest service.

Today, Daftö Resort is owned and operated by Mette and daughters Mia and Lena, with Lena as CEO. The second, third and fourth generations are driven to develop the company and the guest experience - all together with a dedicated group of employees.

Of course, our 50th anniversary will be celebrated in 2024. Hope you want to celebrate with us!

A lots of activities

From Easter to the autumn holidays, there is a large range of activities at the resort. Guided activities with the Daftö pirates and outdoor activities such as paddle tennis, swimming pool, amusement park, adventure golf and pirate cars. The activities with the Daftö pirates are included in the accommodation price.

Stay the way you want

Cottage, hotel, camping or guest harbour? You choose! We offer several different forms of accommodation so that you can live exactly as you want. Regardless of what you choose, you live near Kosterhavet and have a large range of activities that are included in the accommodation price.

Daftöland amusement park

In addition to all the activities and adventures available at the resort, you live next door to our own amusement park Daftöland. Here there are attractions, games, theater and pirates.

Several restaurants

When hunger strikes, there are several restaurants and eateries to choose from at the resort and in the Daftöland amusement park - several with the option of take away. In Restaurang Packhuset you can also experience evening entertainment from the stage and during these times we recommend booking a table.

Book accommodation

We hope to welcome you to adventurous days with us. Book accommodation in a cabin, hotel, campsite or guest harbor and look forward to days to remember for a long time to come.

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