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For children who need new organs

Daftö and Jontefonden

Something our hearts beat extra hard for is healthy, happy and safe children, and the nature they grow up in. When we see happy children creating joyful memories here with us, we feel at our best. Unfortunately, the reality is not bright for everyone. For some families, the step is greater and the opportunities to get here are fewer.

Jontefonden is especially close to our hearts and we work in various ways to support their important work. It is a foundation that adds a golden edge to the lives of children and young people who are waiting for or have completed an organ transplant and their siblings.

We are grateful and proud to be able to support in various ways what Jontefonden is working on, to contribute with gold edges to families who need it the most. The foundation also works to act as support for vulnerable families and shines a light on issues to improve legislation. The higher purpose is that not a single child should have to die waiting for an organ.

The number of organ donations today is not enough to fill the need that exists. There are about 800 people on the waiting list for a new organ, and every year about 50 people die waiting for a new organ they don't have time to get.

Register yourself and your children in the register

Can you imagine accepting an organ if it is the last resort to a continued life?

If the answer is yes, shouldn't it be obvious to give? Make up your mind about how you feel about organ donation, register yourself and your children here. Your organs can save up to eight lives when you no longer need them.

Daftö ❤️ Jontefonden

We lend a cabin to a Jontefonds family who wants to get away, change the environment, spend time with each other and experience fun things with us. For a week they live, eat and play like pirates. Through the Jontefonden, we continue to provide families with memorable experiences together at Daftö Resort and Daftöland.

The facility has containers where you, as a guest, can leave your deposit. The pledge generates money that we donate to the Jontefonden. During 2021, 2022 and 2023, we have together collected pledges corresponding to SEK 304,344 for the Jontefonden. A fantastic feeling to be involved and contribute to the foundation's important and fantastic work.

During the Jontefonden's three fundraising galas, Daftö Resort has been represented and, among other things, donated auction items that brought in approx. SEK 120,000 for the Jontefonden.

Read more about Jontefonden here.

Take a stand!

It takes 30 seconds to register you and your children to the donation register. Don't wait, do it now!

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