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Our rules of procedure

Together we create a wonderful and safe stay for everyone.


Peace and order must prevail around the clock.
Everyone must be quiet and no vehicle traffic must occur between 24:00 and 07:00. Play and have fun on the playgrounds but during the night 23-07, it must be quiet and empty.

Sanitary buildings

For everyone's comfort, we want help to keep the buildings neat and tidy. Children may not stay there without supervision. It is not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol and of course not to cycle, ride a kickboard or airboard indoors.


The dog must be on a leash, remember that there are people who are afraid. Be sure to pick up after the dog. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, in the pool area, inside Daftöland or in our common premises.


Sewage from the caravan must go to a closed container. This applies if there is no sewer connection on the campsite.


It is allowed to grill, but the grill must be standing. If you want to throw away the barbecue charcoal, it must be put in the containers intended for charcoal, you will find these at the garbage stations.


Household waste must be sorted and placed in the containers at the waste stations. Coarse rubbish may not be thrown away at our rubbish stations but can be left at the recycling center in Strömstad.


For everyone's comfort, we ask you to reduce vehicle traffic in the area.


Boats may not be moored at the shoreline, boat berths are available for rent. Boat trailers may not be stored on the own camping site. There is a guest harbor for visiting boats.


During June-August and weekends in spring and autumn, the area is guarded at night. In the event of disturbances and other cases where you need to get in touch with the night watchman, call: +46(0)526-688 75. For other questions concerning urgent reception-related matters outside the reception's opening hours, call the reception hotline tel. +46(0)526-68879.

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