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A Vacation Full of Activities on the West Coast

Experience the Nature around Daftö, Breathe in the Salty Air of the West Coast, and Embark on Many Adventures Together. Get Out and Enjoy! There's plenty to do here that's fun for the kids and relaxing for the parents

The sea, beaches, and pool area

We love the sea and water in all its forms. Here, there are many beaches to experience and three pools with pirate ships, waterfalls, water cannons, slides, and lookout towers.

Hiking on the West Coast

If you want to stay active at Daftö, we have trails for running and hiking. Bohusleden, Historieleden, Naturleden, and Kaparleden are available. If you want to experience a running route with beach, sea, and forest in a lovely combination, you should head out on Naturleden, which is 5 km in partially hilly terrain.

Padel tennis

At Daftö, you can play Padel on our two outdoor courts, which you can book through Rackets and balls can be rented from the reception during its opening hours.

Outdoor gym

We have a lovely outdoor gym suitable for most people. Start your day by exercising, and if you wish for a group fitness instructor, we can arrange one to lead the session.

Vacation Workout

During the summer, classes with yoga experiences and circuit training are offered. Start your day with movements that counteract stress, back problems, and tense neck muscles or an effective session with several stations where we work with the whole body. A lovely way to start the day!

Boat tour on the northern West Coast

Explore the Bohuslän archipelago. From Daftö's excursion pier, you can take boats that will transport you to beautiful islands along the entire West Coast. Spend a few days among salt-sprayed granite cliffs, picturesque fishing villages, and classic seafood restaurants.


The Daftö battle (Daftökampen) – If you're familiar with Wild Kids, Robinson, or The Master's Master, you can experience the competition in the Daftö way together with your family. Let the family adventure begin at Daftökampen. Here, you'll be challenged in events involving puzzles, speed, precision, and balance. Good luck with the challenges for body and mind!

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