Winter at Daftö

At Daftö, you can stay all year-round, with different adventures and experiences – depending on when you visit us. On this page, you can learn about what can be experienced between the seasons Spöktober and Easter.

During this period, you can stay in a cottage or with your own motorhome or caravan on a camping pitch. The cottages and camping pitches vary in size and views. Find the accommodation option that suits your preferences or contact us at +46(0)526-26040 or for tips on what we think might suit you.

A stay at Daftö during Winter


During the winter season, you can stay in cottages or on camping pitches with your own caravan or motorhome at Daftö. In the cottages, you can prepare your own meals. Each cottage also has a patio or terrace where you can start the day with a warming cup of coffee.

If you stay on a camping pitch, you have free access to the service buildings with their facilities; some of them even have saunas. If you have a motorhome and want to stay for an extended period, check out our offer for a seasonal pitch, "short-season for motorhomes."

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Wood-fired sauna and winter bathing

At the resort, you can enjoy a wood-fired sauna and take a dip in the sea. The pier sauna is equipped with a small kitchenette and changing rooms. It's a perfect place to relax with family and friends, your group of friends, or colleagues. During the winter, the pier sauna is also an ideal spot for winter bathing.

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Activities and play

Perhaps you've seen Wild Kids, Survivor, The Champions of Champions, or Sweden's Strongest Family? Daftö Challenge offers these competitions the Daftö way, allowing you to experience them with your family! Come here and challenge each other within the family or compete against another family you meet here. The tasks you complete will challenge both your body and mind. Once you're done, you'll have taken a walk of about 3 km with six challenges along the way. These challenges can range from tricky puzzles to plank exercises, guessing volumes, and building stone towers.

Additionally, there are several different playgrounds to explore on the premises. Which one will become your favorite?

Mountain Biking (MTB)

Here, you'll find cycling trails with off-road paths and flow tracks for those craving an adrenaline-fueled adventure on two wheels. Bring your own bike!

Hiking Trails

At Daftö, there are several hiking trails of varying lengths and terrains. These trails take you through forests, along the coastline, and over cliffs. Additionally, there are several well-known trails not far from the resort, such as Bohusleden and Kuststigen. You can choose from a variety of trails with different landscapes and environments, depending on what you're eager to experience.

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Restaurants and store

During the period when Daftö's own shops and restaurants are closed, we recommend exploring the options in the town center. You can find information about these establishments via the link below. If you prefer to buy groceries and cook in your cabin, there's an ICA Kvantum store not far from us. Head towards the town center and continue straight at the first roundabout to reach there.

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Reception Opening Hours

From Easter to Spöktober, our reception has generous opening hours. However, during the winter season, these hours are limited. You can check the specific opening hours via the link below.

Contact Information for the Reception Phone: +46(0)526 260 40 Email:

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